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Behind The Magic Castle

Our latest News is the Launch of our new You Tube Regular show... First up Zelda sings Miffy and Friends

Rave Reviews

My name is Rachel and I saw Ukulele Baby at the North Sydney Community Playgroup. I bought the Tiny Little Fingers CD for my daughter and as soon as I put in on the car she started singing along with it.

I was really surprised with how quickly she picked up the words and the tunes. I've bought CDs for her in the past and she hasn't liked them. I am so happy this wasn't another waste of money. She really loves this CD.
Rachel NSW


Zelda has put on the most marvellous performance. The children were so wrapped, they were all playing their ukuleles and kazoos and shakers and they were all so engrossed.

It was the most wonderful performance. I can recommend it!  Really it's fabulous. 
Rosemary, Manager North Sydney Community Centre Playgroup


Ukulele Baby Music show was such good fun. The kids were dancing - and so was I just quietly!  And I won a CD as a prize!  We'll be listening to that in the car on the way home. 
Kelly, NSW


Zelda, Ukulele Baby Music knocked me out! I've heard a lot of children's music albums and I've never heard one better.

It's the melodies - they are so simple and yet they have what we call in Germany an 'ear worm' - they have the ability to get inside your ear and I can see children learning them very quickly. I love it! 

I think it's one of the best children's music projects I've come across. I congratulate you on an excellent job.
Renee Grant  Williams. Vocal Coach to megastars
including Christina Aguilera, Dixie Chicks,
Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride 


We've just been along to Ukulele Baby Music's class and it was lots of fun and very interactive and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with little kids.
Vanessa NSW.


We were lucky to have Zelda come and show us all how to play and have fun with Ukulele Baby Music. The babies really enjoyed it.

There was lots of dancing and music making fun and one little boy was playing ukulele like he's a natural. I've spoken to the mums and we're really looking forward to Zelda coming back again.
Zaneta, Community  Engagement Officer


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More Reviews

I listened to Butterfly Kisses with headphones on to start with and thought it was very fun, engaging and cute.  Then I played it to Brian and Oliver our 2 year old who were sitting on the couch on the other side of the room.

As the song started Oliver ran over and jumped up on my knee to see where the song was coming from.  He was bopping along and smiling and when it finished he reached for the mouse and wanted to hear it again.  

He's just gone to bed reluctantly when I said he could listen to it again tomorrow.  If he wasn't on my knee I'd say there would have been some dancing happening! 

Brian said "that song's a winner considering he left his book on the couch (he LOVES books) and went over to see what was going on smiling all the while"  
Sue, Brian & Oliver, Australia


"My 18 month old daughter loves Butterfly Kisses. The way her face lights up when she bounces along to that song is simply precious."
Nate & Em, Australia


When 'Fun Today' is playing it makes me pick up my five
month old, get in her face and dance. She screams in excitement.
At times throughout the day it pops into my head and again I can't help myself but grab her, play and make her giggle.
If the rest of the CD is anything like 'Fun Today' my 5 month old will be getting loads more attention."
Tamsyn, Australia.


Fun Today is fantastic! It's very catchy and fun. Ivy was sitting on my lap when I first played it and we wiggled and giggled together but by the time we'd listened to it for a third time we were both up on our feet twisting and dancing. A good song for loud and fun play time."  
Roxy & Ivy, Australia