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Tiny Little Fingers
Tiny Little Fingers CD Cover art
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Zelda looks up
Zelda Sheldon from Ukulele Baby Music - with Ukulele
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Reviews for Media use

Ukulele Baby Floor Shows

A wonderful new music play experience 0-5 yrs.

Ukulele Baby Music makes it easy for childcare professionals and parents to give their children a fun-filled, hands-on learning experience. We bring lots of ukuleles and percussion so every child will get a chance to play along.  

Each session lasts 40 minutes exploring, singing, making music with ukuleles and percussion, movement, dance and playing music games. Ukuleles are so easy for children to hold and play they will be making happy little sounds in no time.

Rave Reviews for the shows

Ukulele Baby Music is too lovely for words!
Vanessa Campbell - Manager of The Sydney Rocks Markets.

I loved watching my two children aged two and four glow with confidence playing ukulele and singing the songs in the Ukulele Baby Music floorshow. And seeing them engage with the other children and help the younger ones made me feel so proud as a mum. 
Sonia D Naremburn NSW. 



Bios and Reviews

Zelda Sheldon & Ukulele Baby Music -
Fun interactive music for smart, happy, healthy children.

Zelda Sheldon is best known as an award-winning broadcast composer and founder of Ukulele Baby Music.

A professional singer songwriter since 1984, Zelda started Ukulele Baby Music by accident in 2009 when she was learning to play ukulele.

Friends with a 6-month old baby boy were delighted with a ukulele song Zelda made up on the spot called 'Tiny Little Fingers' which instantly calmed their little one. As soon as the song started the little boy stopped crying and settled down to a lovely afternoon of singing songs.

On future visits the parents would always request the song and would ask her to make up more songs to sing-along with the little boy - who by now had his own orange ukulele.

Encouraged by the parents to keep coming up with more of these happy ukulele singalong songs led to the 12-songs debut CD release of Tiny Little Fingers for 0-5 year olds.

Road tested by parents with young children and now available on iTunes and CD the songs are attracting wonderful reviews from parents.

Invitations are now coming in from premier attractions such as major festivals, local councils, markets, childcare centres and community play groups.


Reviews for Tiny Little Fingers

Your little people will love it - 5 stars
I have a 21-month old rugrat who absolutely adores this album.

We have both been waiting ever so patiently for it to be released since we were given a preview of 'Fun today' to review a few months ago.

Rugrat loved it from the very first time she heard it and asked for 'more, more' as soon as it finished. We danced and jumped around and had a good old time and it soon became her song of choice for playtime.

Now that we have the full album she is in heaven, adding 'Peeka Peeka Boo' and 'Chugga Chugga Choo Choo' to her top 10.

As a parent I've found the songs to be easy listening and often find myself humming them around the house. There's a good range of 'loud fun' songs interspersed with lovely lullabies for bedtime.

And the lyrics are full of fun little words and phrases that your little one like mine will recognize and instantly identify with i.e. peekaboo, tickles, raspberries, clapping hands and of course tiny little fingers and toes.

It's simple and cute and mostly it's just FUN!

A must for all baby wranglers - 4 stars
My little one (9 months old) is completely entranced when we listen to this.

The lyrics are clever and cute, the musical styles are varied, which is fun for grown ups too. Guaranteed smiles whenever we sing 'Who Wants a Tickle?' and 'Peeka Peeka Boo'.

Butterfly Kisses has become the ultimate distraction whenever crankiness is on the horizon. I know my little one will grow into 'Chugga Chugga Choo Choo and 'Rock Baby Rock' - can't wait!

Standing the test of repeated listening - 5 stars
I have a 6-month old boy and there's always music playing in our house. Thank God for this album.

I can take about 5 minutes of the Wiggles but Tiny Little Fingers gets played daily and I'm not getting sick of it.

I actually don't mind when the songs get stuck in my head and they're now what we sing to the little man when he's getting shirty to calm him down.

If only adult artists could have so may good songs on the one album.

Tiny Little Fingers - 5 stars
It's an absolute delight to listen to these songs, some really special tunes. My one-year old little girl loves the singers voice and she loves dancing to Butterfly Kisses song.

The inclusion of the kazoo in some of the songs is fun! If you have little ones in your house, try listening to this album with them.


When 'Fun Today' is playing it makes me pick up my five month old, get in her face and dance.  She screams in excitement.

At times throughout the day it pops into my head and again I can't help myself but grab her, play and make her giggle.  If the rest of the CD is anything like 'Fun Today' my 5 month old will be getting loads more attention."
Tamsyn, ACT Australia.

I Love it
I love the cheerful, engaging beat and interactive lyrics. I can imagine the babies and toddlers at preschool using their shakers and ribbons as they dance and follow the actions described in the songs - can't wait to introduce 'Ukulele Baby' to them.
Leonie Wellesley Preschool Director, Christchurch New Zealand



Ukulele Baby Music is built on research acknowledging that children love expressing their creativity and development through being actively engaged in making music even at an early age.

Children respond readily to invitations to join in music making activities and spontaneously generate their own ideas and words, melodies and beats.

Children enjoy being equal participants in the song rather than being passive audiences. Ukulele Baby Music live shows give children plenty of space to interact and engage with the songs and each other to create their own unique experiences. 

Bringing Ukulele Baby Music to your group will give children a wonderful experience handling ukuleles, learning rhythms, beats and melodies and singing words which support their well being and sense of belonging. 

Within the songs are lots of magic moments with funny sounds to help bring out the giggles and smiles

• All Ukulele Baby Music facilitators have safety checks and government certification for working safely with children. 

• All musical instruments and toys are sanitised after each session.

• Ukulele Baby Music supports the Early Years Learning Framework philosophy - describing childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming.

• Ukulele Baby Music director Zelda Sheldon is a member of ECMMA - the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association - an international organisation which seeks to promote the best practices in all areas of early childhood music and movement for the good of children, birth through age seven.

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