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Our Story

He wants to play ukulele

Ukulele Baby Music began one hot summer afternoon in Sydney Australia....

Sitting under a giant fig tree in the park at Bronte Beach a funny, musical songwriter lady named Zelda was learning to play her ukulele while she waited for her friends to come.

Her friends arrived with their beautiful little baby boy but the baby was crying. The parents said he was upset and all he needed was a little tender loving care as babies usually do.

Magic Happens

Magically from out of nowhere a simple little made-up-on-the-spot song called 'Tiny Little Fingers' came to save the day.

In next to no time the little baby boy was calm, settled and smiling.

The delighted parents started singing along too and everyone had a lovely time singing the brand new 'Tiny Little Fingers' song as the sun lowered in the afternoon sky.

The next time Zelda visited her friends they said they had started singing the song to their little baby boy who loved it. They asked if we could sing Tiny Little Fingers again and so we all did.

This time their little baby wanted to hold the ukulele and play with it. Then from out of nowhere came another made-up-on-the-spot song called 'Makin' Music' and we all enjoyed singing two new baby songs.

More magic

Then a funny thing happened. Another baby song came out of nowhere called 'Peeka Peeka Boo.' Then another baby song called 'Who Wants a Tickle?' came along. Then another and another, until there were 14 beautiful little baby songs - each one bursting with sunshine and joy.

And so Ukulele Baby Music became a song collection. Now it's a CD for babies and their carers all around the world to enjoy.

The Story Continues

Zelda thought she just had written a bunch of cute little baby songs, but had no idea that Ukulele Baby Music was so much more.

Mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles, day carers and friends all started talking about how lovely the little Ukulele Baby songs were.

Friends suggested shows and concerts and parties for bubs and parents and carers to enjoy singing the songs together.

Before you knew it Zelda's imagination started growing.

Big Beautiful Dreams
Zelda enthused "not just ordinary shows but gorgeous 'Floor Shows' where we all sit on mats on the floor or on the grass with all the babies and toddlers and we all sing and play with ukuleles and dance and have fun together...

...we could go to community halls, parks, playgrounds, childcare centers and house parties...."

Zelda's imagination was bursting at the seams...

(She continued with outstretched arm gestures...) "we need to get a lot of mats and rainbow colored ukuleles and kazoos, and make lots of CDs and songbooks so everyone can sing along.

... and let's get a website where we can gather a Ukulele Baby Music community - where we can share stories and pics and videos. And where people can hang out with each other... a real community!"

So da da! here it is - The Ukulele Baby Music website where the story now includes you.

We'd love you to join our community and when you do we'll send you a free download of our song 'Butterfly Kisses' ' from the Tiny Little Fingers CD.


Our Mission

We believe in the power of beautiful
words of encouragement to help make us strong.

Our mission is to help young children and their carers create beautiful moments through the twin gifts of words and music.

We invite you to join our Ukulele Baby Music community where you can share your thoughts, ideas, pics, movies and your stories.

Please contact us if there is someone in your life who you feel needs this resource - especially if they are suffering from postnatal depression.

We will make every effort to put this resource and our music anonymously into their hands to help them and their baby get through this challenging time.

can I have my Ukulele back now?