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Welcome to Ukulele Baby Music


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Ukulele Baby Music is fun and interactive to help children develop into smart, happy and healthy little people.

Did you know that singing, playing and dancing with your child helps them become smarter, happier and more confident and it's never to early to start!

Ukulele Baby Music is a collection of fun upbeat songs and lullabies that encourage engagement and entertainment with young children, whilst introducing everyday concepts and activities.

The power of music can also assist parent and baby bonding, and can calm your baby in times of distress.

Ukulele Baby Music will give you a fun new repertoire of catchy songs to play and sing along with your little ones at playtime, sleeptime or anytime!


The new Tiny Little Fingers app will be available soon. Be one of the first to get it. Email us here and we'll let you know as soon as its available.

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